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Cue mode (Record 2 Cue)

Cue mode (“Record 2 Cue” tab in some keyboards) is a setting for deciding the starting point of the next element while changing from one element to another. When the element changes, from which position of the new element to start with and at which position of the current element to stop it and start the new element.

There are 4 different options in cue mode.
1. Immediate, First Measure
2. Immediate, Current Measure
3. Next Measure, First Measure
4. Next Measure, Current Measure

The options have two parts in it. they are separated by a coma. The first part (Immediate/Next measure) tells when to stop the current element and start playing the new element. If it is “Immediate”, the current element will be stopped immediately after pressing the button for the new element. If it is “Next Measure”, the element will be stopped and switched to the new one only after the current measure of the current element finished playing. The second part (First Measure/Current Measure) is for setting the starting point of the new element. If it is “First Measure”, the new element would start from it’s first measure. If it is “Current Measure”, it will start from the current measure of the previously playing element. For example if the variation 1 which is playing currently is in the measure 2, and variation 2 button is pressed. After measure 2 of variation 1 is complete, variation 2 will start from it’s measure 3 if it has a measure 3 in it. If it doesn’t have measure 3, it will start from measure 1.

The cue mode settings can be applied only to the variations, fills and break. For intros and endings, this option would be disabled. In variations , one of the last two items in the list can be applied. For fills and break, one from the first three items can be selected.

Watch this video for details of cue mode with example.

Author: Manoj Mathew

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