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How to create a style on Korg Keyboards – part 2

The is a continuation of the part 1 on style creation on Korg keyboards. This part covers creating fill, ending and count in patterns, copying from variations to fill, use of event edit mode, step record, delete and cut measures, and how to set volume specific to tracks in each element.

Copying tracks from variations to fills

The copy option in the style edit menu will not allow to copy from a variation directly to a fill. This is because the number of chord variations (CV) in fills and variations are different. The variations can have up to 6 CVs in it. But the fills can have only 2 CVs in them.

So to copy the recordings from a variation to a fill, you can copy by chord variations. That means copy CV1 of Variation 1 to CV1 of Fill1.

Setting separate volume for track elements

When you set the volume using the sliders on the tracks in the style create page, that affects all the elements. It is a common setting across the elements of the style. But most of the time you need to set a different volume for the same track in different elements.

The expression knob in the element track controls section can be used to set the track volume specific to an element. To access this page, press the menu button while in the style record page, then select “Eelement track controls”. In the first tab, use the expression section to set volume for the selected element.

Previewing a style from style record mode

While in the style record mode, if you try to play a chord on the keyboard, that will get recorded to the selected track. How to preview the style we created by changing the chords and elements?

Press the menu and select “Element track controls”. Now you can press the start button to play the style. You can now change chords and elements here. The upper right part has a piano sound to play along with the style.

Most of the other pages in the menu allow this preview option. But “Element track controls” provides an option to change the track volume specific to each element separate. So while previewing from this page, the track balancing can also be adjusted.

Author: Manoj Mathew

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