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How to add FX and EQ to the style tracks

After creating the style, adding Fx and EQ to the style tracks will help to transform the color of the style. You can choose from a huge list of effects for the tracks. There are Master Fx (MFX) and Insert Fx (IFX). Only the latest models support Insert Fx.

This video shows the detailed steps of applying MFX and IFX to the style tracks.

Insert FX vs Master FX

These are two different types of FX processors on the Korg Arrangers. The difference is in the way the effects are processed on the tracks. IFX is dedicated to a specific track but MFX is common to all tracks. The full signal is processed with IFX but with MFX we can set the amount of track signal to be processed to the desired level.

The differences between IFX and MFX

Shared with all tracksApplied specific to a track
Can adjust the send level for each trackCannot adjust the send level for the track. Only FX on and off
Dry and wet signal can be controlled separatelyOnly wet signal will come out
Can be applied to all tracksspecific to a track. The total number of IFXs that can be used depends on the keyboard model

Dry vs Wet signals

Dry signal is the signal which is not processed. Wet signal is the processed signal. When MFX is applied to a track, there is an option to set the send level of the track to the MFX processor. The signal which is not processed will be sent directly to the output. So for the track, there will be the wet signal which passed through the MFX processor and the dry signal which did not pass through the MFX processor. The combined wet and dry signals of a track are sent to the out put by default. There is an option to cut the dry signal on the keyboard if you want.

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