trigger mode and tension

Trigger mode & Tension in style

Trigger mode and Tension are two advanced settings in styles. Trigger mode is for controlling the transition between chords. Tension is a toggle to enable/disable the tension chords like, 9th, 11th and 13th while playing the style.

These settings can be applied to each track individually except the drum and percussion tracks. To set the trigger mode and tension for the tracks, press the menu button while in the style record mode and select, “STYLE TRACK CONTROLS” from the screen.

Trigger Mode

Trigger mode options for the style tracks

This setting controls how the the new chord notes are played while changing from one chord to another from the middle of a measure. There would be notes sustained while changing chords in this case. They can be transposed while they are being sustained or stopped and played with the new note value or stop them until those are triggered again in the style

There are three options in trigger mode. The default value would be RP.


RP means Re-pitch. When the chord is changed, the sustained notes in the track will be transposed without stopping them. This will sound like the pitch bend applied to them.


This means Re-trigger. The sustained notes will be stopped and played again with the new note value of the new chord.


If this is selected, the sustained notes will be stopped when changing the chords. They will be played only when the style has those notes played again.


Tension settings for a style

This is a check box for enabling/disabling the tension chords. If this is checked for the track, tension chords like 9th, 11th and 13th would be played if they are detected on the arranger. If it is unchecked, these chords will not be played.

Watch this video for a detailed demo of the trigger mode and tension settings

Author: Manoj Mathew

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