Registration memory in Korg

Registration memory in Korg Arrangers

One of the FAQs by people who come to Korg from Yamaha arranger experience is “is there Registration Memory in Korg PA keyboards?”. Like in Yamaha arrangers, There is no Registration Memory buttons on Korg PA arrangers.

Is there Registration Memory in Korg arrangers? The answer is YES. But it is organized in a different way than it is in Yamaha arrangers. There are different ways to use it too.

Where is the Registration memory in Korg Arrangers?

The Registration memory is called Performance or Keyboard Set in Korg Arrangers. In the latest models like PA 4X, PA 1000 and PA 700, it is called “Keyboard Set”. In the previous models like PA 900, PA 3X, PA 600, PA 500, PA 50 etc, it is called performance.

Performance library buttons
Performance library buttons from a Korg PA 900
Keyboard Set library buttons on Korg PA 4X

Performances/Keyboard sets store the sounds selected for the 3 upper tracks and left track, their effects, transpositions etc. When a new Performance/Keyboard set is selected, it recalls all these sounds and the settings.

Where are Performances/Keyboard sets stored?

There is a library specific to Performance/Keyboard sets in the keyboard. This library can be accessed by pressing the Performance/Keyboard set library buttons on the panel or by touching the Performance/Keyboard set section on the screen. The library has a set of factory Performances/Keyboard sets. There is a separate section for the user data in the library.

How to select a Performance/Keyboard set?

There are different ways to select a Performance/Keyboard set.

1. From the library using the touch screen

You can open a page of the Performance/Keyboard set library and choose from any of the 8 items on the screen. Keep this screen open for changing the Performance/Keyboard set while playing. To access another set of items, go to another page where they are saved.

2. With the panel buttons for Performance/Keyboard set library

The different buttons on the panel in the section for Performance/Keyboard set can be used to select a Performance/Keyboard set with single click. For this enable “Auto Select” for Performance/Keyboard set in the general controls in global menu (Global – General Controls – Interface tab). If the check box against Performance/Keyboard set in this page is active, pressing the panel button will select the last selected sound in its respective bank in the library.

To change the sound assigned to a button, press the button and select a different sound from the bank.

This option can be used to have almost the same registration function as in Yamaha arrangers.

Is there a “FREEZE” button on Korg arrangers?

The freeze option is available on the Korg arranger models before PA4X, PA 1000 and PA 700. It is called “STYLE CHANGE”. There will be a style change button which can be used for the freeze function. This works just the opposite to the freeze function. When “Style Change” button is on, the style will be changed when a Performance is selected. If it is off, only the sound will be changed.

Style change button
STYLE CHANGE button from PA 900

But the newer models like PA 4x, PA 1000, PA 700 etc, the Performance is renamed to Keyboard Set. The “STYLE CHANGE” button is removed from these models. The Keyboard sets will not store styles in them. But to select a style and sound with a single click, the set list feature can be used.

Other options for selecting styles and sounds together

1. Using the assignable switch

The “Style Up” and “Style Down” feature of the assignable switch can be used to change the style and sound with a single button press. If the styles are organized in a sequential order in the bank, pressing the assignable button (with the “Style Up” function assigned to it) will select the next style in the bank. When this style is selected, the first “STS”/”Keyboard set” will be automatically selected if the “STS MODE”/”STYLE TO KBD SET” button is on.

2. Using the style auto select feature

Similar to the “Performance”/”Keyboard set” auto select feature which is used to select a Performance/Keyboard set from the library buttons, the style can also be selected the style family buttons with a single button press. Enable the auto select option for style from GLOBAL – GENERAL CONTROLS – INTERFACE for this. Once this is enabled, pressing one of the style family buttons will select the last selected style in the respective bank. If the “STS MODE”/”STYLE TO KBD SET” button is on, the sound will also be auto selected along with this.


The registration memory feature exists on Korg arrangers. It is organized in a different way than it is in Yamaha. There are several options and methods to achieve the function of a registration memory in Korg arrangers.

Author: Manoj Mathew

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