Combining different sets

Combining different sets on Korg arrangers

This is one of the common challenges faced by a lot of Korg arranger users. Loading styles and performances/keyboard sets from a third party set or combining those from different sets together may result in them playing with the wrong sound if there are user sounds used. To make them sound correct, the user sounds in that set also need to be loaded to the same banks and locations as they were originally. But doing this will affect the existing styles performances/keyboard sets on the keyboard. This post is about how to load third party sets without affecting the existing data on the keyboard.

Why wrong sounds play on third party styles or keyboard sets?

The reason for this conflict is, the sounds for the style and performances/keyboard set tracks are mapped to the location in the library, if they are from the user banks. Not to the name of the sound. So when there is another sound stored in that location, that sound will be used to play in the track.

The files in Korg arrangers are stored in their own libraries. There will be separate libraries for each items like styles, performances/keyboard sets, sounds, pads, song book data etc. There are a set of preset banks and locations in them. These are preset in the operating system. The user cannot add or remove them.

When the data is saved to a storage device like a pen drive, it creates a set folder containing the data for the styles, sounds, performances/keyboard sets, pads, song book data etc. For the user sounds there will be .pcg files representing each bank in the user area. All the sounds for that bank will be in the pcg file with the exact location number with them. When this full set is loaded to the keyboard, these sounds are placed in the exact location as they were originally.

But if a style or performance/keyboard set which uses user sounds is loaded without loading the pcg files for the user banks, there will be sound conflict. The sound available in the mapped location will be used to play the track. This is the reason for wrong sounds playing in them.

How to fix the conflicting sounds?

To fix the sounds of the styles and performances/keyboard sets loaded from other sets, we need to load the user sounds used in them to a different location or bank and then remap the tracks to the new location.

There are two methods for this. First is loading the user sound banks from where the sounds are used in the tracks, to a free bank. This can be used if you have enough free banks to load all the needed banks from the set.

The second method is to load the individual sounds which are mapped to the tracks, to an empty location and then remap the tracks to them.

This process is explained in detail in the two videos below.

Part 1 – first method

Part 2 – second method

Author: Manoj Mathew

5 thoughts on “Combining different sets on Korg arrangers

  1. Hi Manoj,
    watched your videos and learned how to load styles and remap them. a question:
    sometimes the program change number is three digits , we have to add one to find the correct assigned one in the PCM folder. but why we drop one digit and say use the two digit for example the
    Perc track has been assigned 120.064.005 , we add one to look for 006, but you only see 06.
    why some samples have three digit and some two.?

    Thank you

  2. you are correct the number is to identify the storage location, but if the number is lets say
    120.064.005 in the SET, shouldn’t I be looking for 006 ?
    I ran in to a number 120.064.000 in the SET, what do you think I should be looking for in the sound samples to load? 001 ? 010? or 01?


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