Multiple split points

Creating multiple split points on Korg arranger keyboards

Korg arrangers have three upper tracks and a lower track for live playing. There is a split point which separates the lower and upper tracks. How about having more split points than the default one? This is about creating multiple split points on the keyboard with upper tracks.

The 3 keyboard upper tracks can be split into different zones on the keyboard so that different sounds are available without pressing a button to change sound. There are different methods to achieve this.

The simplest of them is to set a top and bottom key limit to the tracks. Another option is to set velocity ranges so that based on the pressure applied on the keys, the sound from the tracks will be played.

This feature is available in the “RANGE/VELOCITY” page in the “KEYBOARD/ENSEMBLE” section in the MENU.

This process is explained in detail in this video.

Velocity Ranges

Velocity is the pressure applied to the keys when played. It is measured in a value range from 0 to 127. The tracks can be assigned with a velocity range so that the track will play only if the velocity applied falls within the range.

Additional split points

More split points can be created from the sound edit mode with the use of oscillators. The oscillators can be triggered from an assignable button, or a key or velocity range. Multiple oscillators can be assigned to a sound. So there can be even more split points on the keyboard.


Apart form the normal split point on the keyboard, additional split points can be created with key ranges or velocity ranges or with a combination of both. This is useful when there are quick sound changes in the song where pressing a button to change sound may be difficult. With this method more sounds can be made available to play and there by making the hands free for playing.

Author: Manoj Mathew

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