Easy drum tuning

Drum tuning – Easy method for Korg Arrangers

Some percussion instruments like Tabla, Bongo drums etc need them to be tuned to specific pitches. If not tuned correct, they would sound weird. So for such instruments, usually custom drum kits are created with the notes tuned to specific pitches. When a style/song has such a kit and if the style needs to be played in a different scale than the one the drum kit is tuned to, the style/song needs the drum kit which is tuned to the correct pitch to be assigned to it. This needs to be done from the style edit/sequencer page if there are multiple assigned to the same track. But there is an easy method for this in Korg Arrangers.

It is using the drum edit feature in the track controls page from the main menu. In drum edit page, different drum families within the same track can be assigned with different settings like volume, tuning, eq etc. So for quick tuning the percussion instruments, the tuning options in the drum families can be used.

Watch this video for the detailed steps to do this.

Author: Manoj Mathew

11 thoughts on “Drum tuning – Easy method for Korg Arrangers

  1. Thanks for taking the time to take such a “deep dive” into a topic few would pay attention to. If you’re up for the task, a video on style creation, at this level of detail, would be much appreciated.

  2. This is great, I have style Dadra taal, I am thinking to have three versions of it in Sa, Re , Ga on my keyboard for my friend who want sing. Usually they sing in one of those keys, if the song is in Sa key, I play that style Dadra in Sa. What do you think?

    Al Akans

  3. Al, You can save different copies of the same style tuned to different keys. It would be easy to recall them when you need.

  4. Hi Manoj,
    Thank you for quick reply, Is there a way to find the pitch or key of the recorded tabla
    sample sound that was used in a style? I learned how to change the tuning from your video but
    don’t the pitch/key of the tabla styles I borrowed from a friend. Thank you for any help you can provide.
    Best Regards,
    Al Akans

    1. There are two methods.
      1. Using a tuner. You can select the kit and play the sound, the tuner will show the exact pitch of the note.
      2. By ear. Play the instrument sound and check the pitch with a piano sound from another keyboard or a different track on the same keyboard and identify the pitch.

  5. Hi Manoj,
    I tried to find out the tuning of tabla styles I have on my keyboard as you suggested, I ran into a problem, that is:
    I have Dadra style. Dadra has 6 matras and it is played using dhi dhi na dha tun na bols
    When I play the style, the tuner gives me different tune for each of those bols played.
    so which would be the correct tune for the Dadra taal/style?
    Thank you for helping with this.
    Best Regards
    Al Akans

    1. Are the bols in the original kits tuned differently? If yes, tune all of them to one pitch.
      If the drum edit tunes them differently, all bols may not be in the same family. Check the family for each bol and try tuning them.


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