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Drum setup in Yamaha Arrangers

Drum set up is a very convenient feature in the style creator page in Yamaha arranger keyboards. It is used to assemble a custom drum kit or edit the parameters of the sounds in the existing kit used in the style track.

With drum setup option, you can improve the drum tracks of an existing style by assigning better sounds to the existing kits. The percussion instruments which need tuning can also be done using this option. When a section in a style needs sounds from more than two drum kits in it, this feature will be helpful. Sounds from many drum kits can be combined in to one kit and they can be used in the same section of the style.

The kit created will be valid only within that style track. It cannot be saved as a new kit. A new sample cannot be added to the kit with this feature. This can be done using the Yamaha Expansion Manager.

There are many uses for this feature.

  1. Assemble a drum kit by merging sounds from different drum kits on the keyboard.
  2. Tuning Drum sounds
  3. Improving an existing style with better sounds
  4. Adjust the settings of notes in a drum kit.

1. Assembling drum kit

You can assemble a new drum kit by combining sounds from different kits on the keyboard. You cannot assign a new drum sample to a key here. That can be done using the Yamaha Expansion Manager.

While doing the drum setup, each key on the drum kit can be assigned with a sound from another kit. Select the key (either by pressing the key on the keyboard or touch the key section on the screen and select a key using the data wheel), and select a kit/family/note from the dropdowns provided.

2. Tuning Drum sounds

The drum sounds in the kit can be tuned to specific pitches using the pitch knob. The tuning value is in cents. 100 cents are equal to 1 semi tone.

3. Improving an existing style with better sounds

You can improve an existing style by assigning more punchy sounds to the kits. While in the drum setup page, if you play the style, the notes used in the track will be displayed on the on screen keyboard. This makes it easy to identify the notes used in the pattern. You can try assigning better sounds to those keys, from other kits for improving the pattern.

4. Adjust the settings of a note

This is used to change the settings of each note in the kit. The volume, pan, pitch, cut off, resonance, ADSR parameters, Fx levels etc. can be modified for each note.

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