drum tuning in yamaha

Easy drum tuning method for Yamaha arrangers

Percussion instruments like Tabla which require tuning, need them to be tuned to specific scales. If they are not, they would sound weird when used in a scale different than their original tuning. A style in an arranger keyboard is usually be used to play in different scales. If there are drum instruments in the track which require tuning, the tuning will always be the same. That will not get transposed to the scale automatically.

Having different versions of the same style tuned to different scales is one option to solve this. There is another option which doesn’t require saving different tuned versions of the same style. This is using the drum setup feature in the style creator.

For a detailed explanation of the drum setup feature check this page.

For drum tuning in Korg arrangers, check this article.

Check this video for a detailed demo of the tuning method

Using drum setup feature, the drum sounds can be tuned to specific scales. After tuning, if you exit the style creator without saving the style, the changes would still be there in the style until you select a different style or turn the power off. This makes it possible to use different tunings in the same style without saving different versions of it.

Steps to do the tuning

  • Select the style and go to style creator
  • Identify the tracks (Rhythm 1/Rhythm2), sections (Variations, fills, etc) and notes (drum sounds) which require tuning
    • Play the style while in the drum setup page. This will show the notes on the on-screen keyboard so that the notes used in that track can be easily identified.
  • Apply the tuning to the notes
    • Set the tuning values in the “pitch” knob. 100 cents are equal to a semi tone.
  • After tuning the notes, exit from style creator without saving the style
  • The changes would be in the style until another style is selected.

Author: Manoj Mathew

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