Korg Sound Editing – Portamento & Legato

Portamento and Legato are two settings which can be applied to sounds to create an auto pitch bend effect. They both are similar but they are different. Sometimes both these settings are used together in the same sound. They both are used to generate a smooth blending between notes.

Korg Arrangers provide lot of customization options using portamento and legato. Portamento can be assigned from the “Sound Edit” tab in the “Track Controls” menu from the main page. Advanced portamento settings and legato can be assigned in the sound mode.


Portamento is a time delay between two different notes. It adds an auto pitch bend between two notes with this specific time delay.


It adds a smooth transition between the connected notes without retriggering the samples. Since the retriggering doesn’t happen, the notes sound with a smooth transition.

Check this video for a detailed tutorial on Portamento and Legato on Korg Arrangers.

Author: Manoj Mathew

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