Download styles and sounds for Korg and Yamaha arrangers. Here are some free styles for Yamaha and a set with styles and sounds for Korg.


This is a set created on PA 500. It has styles mostly with Tabla patterns created specifically for Malayalam Christian devotional songs and Syro Malabar Qurbana songs. Download-Korg-Set


These are styles with Tabla patterns created for Malayalam Syro Malabar Qurbana songs. Most of them need the Indian packs to be installed on the keyboard. These are created on PSR SX 900. But should work on the lower models too. Download-Yamaha-Styles

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  1. It’s really wonderful and such an awesome site with lots of information on the arranger keybaords .

  2. Hi Manoj,
    I downloaded your Pa500 set and use it on Pa1000, the conversion changes the links and you don’t get the original style sound even if you tweak things a little bit.. I love the tabla sound, I was wondering if you have any set for pa1000 with tabla sound? specifically I need style for Dadra
    Geda, Kherwa, Mogholi, Tintaal rhythms for scales. Sa Re Gam or C, D and E.
    I will compensate for your time if you arrange them for me. Thanks
    Al Akans
    Laguna Hills, California, USA

    1. I have a set of styles with sampled Tabla. A different version of the ones in the PA 500 set here. Those are premium styles. You can contact me on “”


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